Patal Bhuvaneshwar Jageshwar Kausani Tour ( 3 Nights 4 Days )

Patal Bhuvaneshwar

Package Cost: Rs.5250 Per Person ( Twin Sharing ) / Rs, 4500 Per Person ( Triple Sharing ) + Rs. 16000 For Swift Desire / Rs. 21000 For Marazzo / Rs. 28000 For Tempo Traveler ( 12 Seater )

Package Includes:

Delhi Jageshwar Patal Bhuvneshwar Kausani Delhi Transfers
1 Night Accommodation at Jageshwar in SV Resort
1 Night Accommodation at Patal Bhuvaneshwar at Parvati Resort
1 Night Accommodation at Hotel Kausani Retreat Kausani
3 Breakfast & 3 Dinners Per Person
Morning / Evening Tea

Tour Itinerary:

Day 01: Early Morning Departure for Jageshwar (375 Kms / 8 Hrs ) , Check in , Time Free at Leisure , Enjoy Evening Aarti at Jageshwar Temple, Dinner & Night Stay

Day 02: Morning Darshan at jageshwar Temple, Breakfast , Check out , Drive to Patal Bhuvaneshwar (105 Kms / 3 Hrs ) , Reach Patal Bhuvaneshwar , Check in , Time Free at leisure, Dinner & Night Stay

Day 03 :Breakfast , Check out , Visit Patal Bhuvneshwar Cave , Continue for Kausani ( 121 Kms / 4.5 hrs ) , Onway Visit Chokhori Hill Station famous for Stunning views of Himalayas , Continue for Kausani , Onway visit Baij Nath Temples (15 Kms before Kausani ) , Visit Tea Estate Kausani ( 3 Kms Before ) Check in , Time Free At Leisure , Dinner & Night Stay

Day 04: Breakfast , Visit Anasakti Ashram , Sumitra Nandan Pant Museum , Check out , Continue for Delhi ( 410 Kms / 10 Hrs ) , Reach Delhi. Tour Ends with Happy Memories.

Information About Patal Bhuvaneshwar

Everyone must have heard about Patal Lok ! , Have you seen it ? no ? but really exists , Real Patal lo is located 300 Feet Below group spread in 500 Feet long cave , Patal Lok is located at Patal Bhuvaneshwar In Pithoragarh District in Uttarakhand , There is a small village named as Bhuvneshwar 14 Kms from Gangolihat.

According to Legend This cave is about Lord Shiva and 33 crore Devta. The cave is 525 Feet long and 300 feet deep from the point of entrance. Limestore rocks have created various structures similar to Hindu Mythology. Patal Cave open is a tunnel like opening after going downwards you will find a whole new world inside.

” He who wants to feel the presence of eternal power should come to the sacred Bhuvneshwar situated near the confluence of Ramganga, Sarayu and Gupt-Ganga.” -Manaskhanda, Skandapuran,refer to Patal Bhuvaneshwar.

The first Human to discover Patal Bhuvneshwar cave was Raja Ritupurna King of Ayodhya in Treta Yug. As per the story King Nal was defeated by his wife, Rani Damayanti. to avoid Prison Nal requested King Ritupurna to hide him at unknown place. Ritupurna took him to the forests of the Himalayas and told him to stay .

when King Rituparna was going back he found very beautifl deer , he chased deer but deer went away behind shrubs , later King rituparna was taking rest under a tree , then that deer came in his dream requesting to to catch him , he woke up and found a cave near by , One guard was standing , after Knowing about King Rituparna , Guard Allowed him to go inside ,
As King Rituparna entered inside cave , he met with Sheshnaag Ji , who took him to show cave on his hood, he saw Lord Shiva & 33 Crores devi Devta by his own eyes.

It is said that after his visit, Patal cave was closed for Yug , It was reopend in Dwapar Yug when Pandav Visited this cave , Later it was closed again
It opened again in Kalyug As mentioned in the Skandpurana that This cave will reopen in Kalyug. Shankarcharya Ji discovered this cave in Kalyug, during his visit to Himalayas , He offered copper cover to Shivling known as Bhuvneshwar , Since that time regular worship is being done at Patal Bhuvneshwar.

Patal Bhuvneshwar cave is fitted with Dim Light, Once you enter 300 feet down in cave with helps of iron chains n foot steps , you will see Shesh Nag holding Earth. It is believed that Patal Cave is connected with Mount Kailash , It’s believed that Pandavas after Mahabharat Yudh proceeded for their last journey , in the Himalayas after meditating at Patal Cave in front of Lord Shiva. They played Chousar with Shiv ji inside cave , There are two ways in caves it is believed that Yudhisther went to heaven with his body by one way & other 4 Pandavas went to Badrinath by other way where they left their body one by one on way to Heaven. Patal cave is located at altitude of 4400 feet ASL.

It is belived that worshipping at Patal Bhuvneshwa r is equl to worshipping Char Dhams of Uttarakhand. because Badrinath , Kedarnath , Ganga & Yamuna all are present here. It is belived that this cave is connected to Badrinath , Kedarnath , Gangotri & Yamunotri , The Bhandari family is priest family of Patal Bhuvneshwar since the time of the Adi Shankaracharya Ji.

Patal Bhuvneshwar cave is believed to be old as old Earth is. This thing has been mentioned in Chaper 103 of Manaskhand of “Skanda Purana”. One can see Ganesh ji without head ( when Shiv ji Beheaded him ) , One Bramha Kamal was dropping Amrit on his body to keep him alive , Stil Bramha Kamal shaped rock is there and water is coing out of it.

You can see Whole Galaxy with Stars & Sapt Rishi Tara Mandal , Planets naturally erected on rock , There are four entrances cave holes inside the cave named as Randwar Paapdwar, Dharamdwar and Mokshadwar, Paap Dwar closed after Ravana, Ran Dwar Closed after Maha Bharat Yudha , Dharm Dwar is open and one has to pass throuh Dharma dwar while reaching Patal Bhuvneshwar , Moksh dwar is still open .

One can see the tongue of Kal Bhairav, Airawat Hathi of Indra, Jataye ( Hair ) of Lord Shiva and many other wonders here. you have to walk around 100 – 150 steps to reach cave from Parking at Bhuvneshwar village, One can have lunch at Dhabas near parking .

Distances From Patal Bhuvaneshwar

Gangolihat is 13 Kms away from Patal Bhuvneshwwar (30 Mins Drive ) , Choukhori is 36 Kms / 1.5 Hrs drive , Berinag is 25 Kms ( i hour ) away. Almora is 109 Kms ( 3.5 hrs ), Jageswar is 105 Kms ( 3.5 hrs )

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